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Finding Balance in 2014

Feature Balancing Your Centres

Are you planning any self-improvement strategies for 2014? Many people tell me they feel out of balance in their lives and need to make some changes. This is a common complaint for all of us, myself included! For this reason, my new CD of meditations is focused on finding balance within. The more we feel balanced inside, the more we will transfer this to our relationships and the activities of our daily lives.

We all have three parts of the self that provide intelligence and expression. These are often referred to as the 3 centres; the Body or Action Centre, the Heart or Feeling Centre, and the Head/Mind or Thinking Centre. Most people experience one or sometimes two centres as more active than the others. In my case I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve and less so, but sometimes, I have a very busy mind. I always feel better and more in balance when I’m actively aware of my body. This is why I love to dance and also why I’m committed to my breath-focused morning yoga and meditation practice. 

Meditation in general helps us to balance these different parts of ourselves. When we’re meditating we focus on the breath which gives us direct experience of the body in the present moment. This presence in the body can then allow us access to feel and open our heart as well as quiet our mind. If you haven’t tried meditation yet it’s worth a go. I invite you to try the guided meditations on my new CD, “Balancing Your Centres – Meditations for the Body, Heart and Mind”. Click on the photo to learn more about it.



I also have a free meditation posted on YouTube called the “3 Minute Breathing Space”. This is a short and simple technique that can help you come back into balance during a busy day or when you feel stressed. I plan to put more short meditations up on my YouTube channel so stay tuned for these.

In the meantime here are 3 quick ways to shift your attention from one centre to another. Try these techniques to help you practice mindful awareness and balance.

1. When your mind is racing with thoughts – try closing your eyes, take a deep breath in, and bring your attention all the way down to your feet. Breathe in and out deeply a few times while you focus on feeling your feet on the ground. Hold your focus here for a few moments before opening your eyes and moving on with your day.

2. When your heart feels heavy or raw – try focusing your eyes on something in nature like a tree or a plant or a beautiful object. Breathe deeply and bring all of your attention to the detail of what you see. Take this experience in for a few moments and let it refresh you.

3. When your body feels sluggish or tired – try closing your eyes, lift the tip of your tongue to touch the roof of your mouth and holding it there, breathe in and out deeply a few times. Focus your attention upward toward your forhead or the top of the head. After you do this for a minute or two, open your eyes and see how you feel.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are experiencing major challenges in your life, these simple practices alone will probably not be effective. You may find it helpful to work with a therapist. If you want to speak to me directly please don’t hesitate to call and book an appointment in person or online.

If you would like to share your ideas for finding balance…Your comments are welcome!

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