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Stories from Couple & Family Counselling Clients

From an Unhealthy Marriage to a Bright Future

“There is not a doubt in my mind that Ruth Shell assisted me in turning my life around. With her wisdom, guidance and moral support, I was able to regain my strength and confidence. It took a while, but in my own way and my own time, I was finally able to leave a very unhealthy marriage. I am now a happy, successful individual with a bright future.”

Family Business Owner — Impressed and Enlightened

“I have found it very difficult to mix family and business. Ruth has truly opened our eyes to a new way of thinking. She is loving, caring, and a great listener. She quickly focuses on the real issue and helps resolve any potential conflict. There has never been a wasted minute as every discussion opens ideas to improve our family business relationships and life in general. We learned how to respect, forgive and really listen to each other. Conflict resolution was a huge take away. We highly recommend Ruth for any business or family. With deep appreciation, the X family business.”

Almost Gave up on Marriage Counselling

“My husband and I saw 3 different couples’ counsellors before we found Ruth Shell! We were ready to give up on counselling and our marriage. Ruth was entirely different than what we had experienced before. She immediately engaged us, made the conversation safe (albeit difficult) and got right down to specific skill building to help us work on repairing our friendship. Focusing on respect and eliminating contempt was her key pitch. We learned how destructive our negative habits with each other had become and we began learning how to treat each other with kindness…the way you do when you really love someone. If you are serious about repairing your relationship – Ruth is the counsellor to see.”

Was Married to my Blackberry – Now Happily Married to my Wife

“My marriage was really in trouble and I was avoiding doing anything about it. My wife complained that I was married to my Blackberry – not her. A colleague of mine referred me to Ruth Shell and told me to TRY to listen to her wisdom. (He knows that I can be a bit tough to get through to). I liked Ruth’s straight ahead approach straight away! She zoned in immediately on changes that I could make to become part of my family again. Ruth explained the value of spending quality time with my wife and of having dinner with the family. She felt it would help my kids, my marriage and even my business success. When she suggested that I turn my Blackberry off on nights that I wasn’t travelling, I thought she was crazy and didn’t really understand my business. Her persistence finally sunk in and well, what a surprise! I started to really enjoy my kids, appreciate my wonderful wife and I even began sleeping better. There was a change in the bottom line…it went up.”

A Family Inspired

“Our family has truly been inspired and moved by Ruth’s warm and constructive assistance. We have all benefited from our time with her. She listened carefully and quickly focused on the issues and their resolutions. She offered thought provoking ideas or techniques to help us be better people. We highly recommend Ruth for everyone, even just to talk.“

From Constant Conflict to Family Cohesiveness

“I grew up in a family with constant conflict and I believe it hurt me deeply. After a disastrous weekend visiting my parents, I realized I was creating the exact same environment with my own kids. I was determined to do it differently so I asked a couple of colleagues if they knew of a family therapist that could help me. We were given Ruth Shell’s name and consider our family very lucky for this opportunity.

Ruth first worked with my wife and me to determine the nature of our concerns and how she could best meet our family’s needs. She helped us see that we were wasting energy fighting battles that couldn’t be won and not fighting the most important battle – for family cohesiveness. She gave us some fantastic ideas on basic things like allowance, discipline, and family dinners. Most importantly, she taught us how to really listen to our kids. In turn, they started to respect and listen to us.“

When my Daughter Rejected me it was Time to look at Myself

“One day my 15 year old daughter told me that I was a self-centered bully and she wanted to live with her mother full time. This was devastating news because I had fought hard for a shared residency arrangement during my divorce. My ex-wife could have been nasty about this but instead she sincerely wanted to help me. She gave me the name of a counsellor and said ‘you missed your chance with me — don’t miss it with our girl’.

Seeing Ruth was such a turning point in my life, I can hardly remember the person that I used to be. I was totally unaware of how my need to run the show was affecting others. I mistakenly believed that the means were not as important as the end result. Ruth was able to help me see myself more clearly and at the same time not give up on me. She convinced my daughter to join me in counselling for what we later called ‘the power talks’. I had literally pushed my daughter away by pushing her too much to be who I wanted her to be. Now I have her back in my life. I’m learning how to truly accept who she is.”

I found Support and Valuable Insight with my Family Relationships

“Ruth Shell has been a tremendous support and resource, helping me to understand and cope with very challenging relationships in my family. From our first appointment, Ruth fostered a safe and comfortable counselling environment. Of particular importance, Ruth brings to our sessions personal warmth and an innate wisdom about parent-child relationships. I have and continue to recommend Ruth to friends and family members who would benefit from her insight and strategies.”