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A Doubtful Businessman Begins a Path of Self Discovery

“Ruth Shell is a warm, understanding and generous woman with a sense of humour, yet is gifted with an uncanny ability to focus in on what issues need to be addressed, how to address them, and what it takes to see results. Her introduction of the theory and effectiveness of mindfulness practice to a sceptical and doubting businessman has started him down a wonderful path of discovery and personal understanding that only gets richer and deeper with time. She’s good — really good.”

Finally Someone Broke Through My Armour

“I’ve seen lots of therapists over the years…no one has challenged me like you do. You’re willing to stand up to me and at the same time stand beside me. Bravo, you made a dent in this armour.”

buy motilium 10mg

Stories from Couple & Family Counselling Clients


Biggest Life-Changer So Far

“I was a successful professional…confident (read arrogant)…self-directed (read narcissistic)…in control (read lacking insight)…growing apart from family (read ignoring reality). Who needs therapy?? Enter Ruth: cautiously peels back the onion, assertive, supportive, patiently gives direction to grow anew, inclusive of family.… Now I’m not cured, but continuously improving. Biggest life-changer so far!”

A Skeptic’s Marriage is Saved

“I was such a skeptic about psychology when my wife first dragged me in to see you. Somehow your charm and intelligence won over this hard-nosed medical professional and I kept on coming back. Slowly, I started to see my part in the marriage struggles and began changing my defensive strategies. Now I see the enormous value in the process of self-exploration. Thank you for saving me and my marriage.”

can i buy motilium over the counter in australia