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Mindfulness meditation is simply learning how to watch your thoughts without reactivity or judgement while gently bringing your attention to the breath in the present moment. This simple technique will develop your Inner Observer, the part of your brain that can detach or step back from negative or anxious thoughts. Just like a few sit ups a day will help strengthen your core muscles, 10 minutes a day of relaxing mindfulness practice will help you develop your brain’s ability to manage the stress in your life.

Meditation can help you!

Why not give it a try right now…



Can you buy motilium over counter - How to buy motilium domperidone


I have been developing my personal meditation practice for most of my adult life and as a therapist I have been trained in Mindfulness Based Psychotherapies as well as Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. I invite you to book one session with me to learn a few simple mindfulness exercises that will help you shift your energy from stressed to calm and clear.


Perhaps you’ve wanted to try meditation or wondered if it’s right for you. Or perhaps you think you won’t be able to meditate because you have such a ‘busy’ mind. The value of working with me privately is that we can address your particular needs and design specific mindfulness practices that will help you feel better immediately. Or you may wish to get started with my buy motilium 10mg available to purchase or download.


Current research in neuroscience is suggesting that even small amounts of regular mindfulness meditation can be more effective than pharmaceutical treatments for anxiety and depression. For more details and links please go to my can i buy motilium over the counter in australia

From automatic pilot to clarity – make mindfulness meditation part of your daily self-care plan.