Schedule of Rates


Please Note

Some, but NOT ALL extended health plans cover my fees. Please ask your company benefits plan if they cover the fees of a Registered Clinical Counsellor and if so, for how much per session and per year. If they do, you may submit my receipts to them for reimbursement. If not, you may wish to claim them under ‘medical expenses’ when you file your income tax. Any expense more than 3% of your gross income is returned.

Clinical Fees

My current clinical rate is $210.00 per 60 minutes session plus 5% GST and pro-rated at 15 minute intervals for sessions that extend beyond one hour.

I generally see couples and families for 90 minute sessions. This time frame allows for deeper work where new skills can be practiced and all voices can be fully heard.

Note: Services provided online to non-residents of Canada are tax free.

Telephone Consultations

An occasional 5 minute pep talk is free to existing clients. Telephone consultations are charged in 15 minute increments at the above clinical rate.

Skype or FaceTime Sessions

I’m doing more and more online work as people’s lives get busier and more mobile around the world. Sessions for new clients must be pre-payed via PayPal or e-transfer and will be charged at my regular hourly rate.

Email Consultations

Brief and occasional emails are free to existing clients. Email consultations are charged in 15 minute increments at the above clinical rate.

Teaching and Training

$800.00 Half day
$1,500.00 Full day

Letters and Reports

$125.00 Filling out Ordinary Printed Form.
$270.00 Short one page letter or less for any lay person e.g. Lawyer, Insurance Representative or similar.
$800.00 Short Summary of Facts Report generally including symptoms, history, diagnosis, and present condition.
$1,350.00 Summary of Facts Report including Expert Opinion and which may or may not include Recommendations. Generally includes all of the facts for a Summary Report together with detail regarding opinion, prognosis, potential long term consequences and potential complications.
$7.50 Review of Records by Clinician such as may be required for photocopying preparation and other miscellaneous purposes. This rate is charged in 15 minute increments.
$0.25 Photocopying of Records – per 8-1/2″ x 11″ page
$0.30 Photocopying of Records – per 11″ x 17″ page