Enneagram Consultation

A Powerful Tool for Understanding Yourself and Others

Enneagram Consultation

Have you ever wondered why you are the way you are?
The Enneagram can help you understand yourself and open the door to profound growth and change.

Do you wonder why someone else doesn’t see or do things the way you do?
This mystery can be solved by understanding the core differences between people described by the Enneagram.

What is the Enneagram?
The Enneagram is a powerful tool for understanding ourselves and others. It is a psychological map that describes nine different archetypal personality styles.

Each of the nine styles or types is based on a set of perceptual filters and psychological motivations that determine our worldview. They describe nine distinct and fundamentally different ways of thinking, feeling and acting.

When we understand our habitual responses – we can learn how to do things differently.

The first step to working with the Enneagram is to determine your type.enneagram

There are many “tests” available in books and on the Internet. I recommend The Integrative Enneagram Questionnaire (IEQ) and use it exclusively with my clients. The test is a robust design with high measures of reliability and validity, developed by Integrative Enneagram Solutions. 

I have been trained and accredited to offer and analyze the IEQ Test with individuals, couples and groups. The process is simple and powerful. You can expect some profound insights and real applications on your path of personal growth.

  • First you take the confidential test online (about 40 minutes)
  • Next, I will send you your detailed report describing many elements of your unique personality profile as well as applications for growth. Meanwhile, I also review your report and prepare for our consultation session.
  • We then meet in person or online for a consultation to help you understand your Enneagram type, explore the various aspects of your report and develop strategies for personal growth.

3 Ways to Use the Integrative Enneagram Questionnaire (IEQ)


For Yourself:

Build Self-Awareness and Compassion

  • Take the IEQ Test and get surprisingly accurate feedback about how you see the world and present yourself to others. Receive your 18 page report detailing your Enneagram Type, your strengths and challenges and ways to develop yourself.
  • Schedule an in person or online appointment for a 90 minute Enneagram consultation session to review your report and discuss specific ways that you can grow toward your very best self.

For Your Relationship:

Find Deeper Meaning and Satisfaction Together

  • After each of you take the IEQ Test, you will want to schedule individual sessions to review your detailed 18 page report and discover your unique strengths and challenges. The more you understand your personality style, the more awareness you will have to approach developing your relationship.
  • Next you will want to schedule a couples session to explore the areas of connection and where you get stuck in your relationship with each other. The focus of this session will be to deepen your understanding of each other, build compassion and new ways of coping with the places where your personalities collide and create conflict.
  • You may wish to continue ongoing counselling to support your relationship growth.

For Your Team or Family:

Understand and Align your Values and Goals as a Group

  • Are you a team or a family in business together or just want to understand the members of you family or group?
  • The IEQ Test and specialized report for teams will help you understand the specific strengths and challenges of each individual, as well as the personality and functioning of your group.
  • Each member of your group takes the IEQ Test and has an individual consultation to understand the results of their individual report.
  • We then meet all together for an interactive analysis of how the individual and group results of this powerful test can help you resolve challenges and align your values and goals.

IEQ Test and Consultation Prices


IEQ Personal Test plus 18 page report = $60.00 US per person.

IEQ Professional Test for business applications plus 40 page report = $115.00 US per person.

All prices are subject to GST where applicable.Consultation sessions with Ruth Shell = $185.00 per 60 minutes and pro-rated for longer times.

To get started or find out more about taking the Integrative Enneagram Questionnaire:

Contact Ruth Shell


As you discover your Enneagram type you will learn about what motivates you, your coping strategy and keys to your personal development. You might find it uncanny how the Enneagram describes you and explains your unconscious patterns.

The next step is to learn how to stay “present” to yourself by practicing patience, kindness and curiosity. This mindful awareness will help you “catch yourself” in your patterns allowing you to make more effective conscious choices. To help in this process, I have produced a CD of mindfulness meditations that highlight the pathways of growth for each type.

CD photo from website


“The Mindful Enneagram – 9 Meditations for Personal Transformation” 

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