Lucy the "Comfort Spaniel"

Remembering Lucy

Remembering Lucy

                                  April 24, 1999 – February 20, 2012

beloved companion and therapy dog extraordinaire

Well known in False Creek where she walked the sea wall every day and lived and worked with Ruth Shell

Lucy touched many lives with her gentle nature and loving presence

She will be missed

Lucy was a great dog! A beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a sweet disposition, Lucy was pure love. She was much more than a lap dog. Lucy loved to run, fetch, swim, play and hike. She was a real character who could make me smile on the gloomiest of days. We had such fun together.

Lucy especially loved to work. From a young puppy in July 1999 until the last week of her life, Lucy faithfully came to work with me at my counselling office. She had an uncanny way of making people feel good. Sometimes just her sweet look or the soft feel of her coat and the way she gently snuggled up on the couch. Somehow she understood what people needed. She respected those who wanted a bit of distance and she would jump on and lick the faces of those who wanted closeness. For kids she would perform her award-winning series of tricks. She greeted everyone she met with curiosity and an invitation for connection.

To learn more about Animal-Assisted Therapy and how Lucy worked as a therapy dog, please read the article I wrote titled, “Moments of Magic: Animal-Assisted Interventions in a Psychotherapy Setting”.

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