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Location Map

Getting here by:

Car – Driving east or west along 6th Avenue, turn into False Creek at Moberly Road. Find street parking or park in the Easy Park lot. Cross Moberly on foot and walk up the steps at 673 Market Hill. Follow the 2nd level exterior walkway about halfway down until you come to 671F.

Bus – The #50 bus runs from downtown and up Cambie (as #15). It stops at the loop at Moberly and 6th Avenue. Walk across the street to the office as above. Also, the #84 bus runs east/west along 6th and stops at Moberly.

Skytrain – Take the Canada Line to Olympic Village station. As you exit the station turn right onto 6th Avenue and walk half a block to Ash Street. You can also cut through the parking lot to get to Ash. Go right at Ash and down the stairs and cut through the pay parking lot. Turn left on Moberly and walk one block until you see the sign “671 Market Hill” on the building in front of you. Go up the stairs and along the outdoor corridor until you see 671F.

Ferry Boats in False Creek – Take a ferry from anywhere in False Creek to the dock at Stamp’s Landing. Walk a few minutes from the dock along the seawall to Leg-In-Boot Square. You will see the Budget Food grocery store. Go up the stairs from the square to the 2nd level and proceed as above.

Foot – Walk along the south side of the False Creek seawall until Leg-In-Boot Square. Go up the stairs from the square to the 2nd level and proceed as above.