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Therapy Take-Aways to Practice in Your Life

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When the cherry blossoms start to bloom in Vancouver it’s hard not to smile and feel good. I love the Spring! It’s filled with fragrance and blossoms and longer days. It heralds the promise of warm sun and fun times outside. Most of Canada and the United States has endured a long and cold winter this year. The advent of spring …

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can you buy motilium over counter

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can you buy motilium over counter in ireland

Are you planning any self-improvement strategies for 2014? Many people tell me they feel out of balance in their lives and need to make some changes. This is a common complaint for all of us, myself included! For this reason, my new CD of meditations is focused on finding balance within. The more we feel balanced inside, the more we …

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buy motilium in canada

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking to several groups on the topic of “Compassion in Relationships”. Preparing for these talks was a great opportunity for me to reflect on how understanding our differences and similarities really helps us develop compassion for one another. As a Counselling Psychologist, I see a lot of people in conflict with themselves and each …

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motilium tablets to buy

A few weeks ago a friend of mine passed away. It was unexpected. It was very fast. She was just 56 years old. My friend Marni was smart, witty, talented and creative and now she is gone. As I try to make sense of this tragic event, I keep hearing people say, “You have to live life each day!”. This …

where to buy motilium uk

where to buy motilium

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One of my favourite movies is “Groundhog Day”, where the main character wakes up every morning and it’s the same day over and over. He gets chance after chance to view his behaviour and see the outcomes from a new perspective. He is able to develop awareness about himself and most importantly, make changes to get different results. The movie …

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where to purchase motilium

Posted Mar 3 2012 by best place to buy motilium in bulk buy motilium with 22 Comments


As I grieve the loss of my dear Lucy, I thought it might be helpful to write about how 15 pounds of Pure Love changed my life. Lucy was a very special dog. She taught me many things about myself and inspired me to be a better person. And as a therapy dog in my counselling practice she helped change …

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A New Year’s Resolution that Supports Personal Awareness and Lasting Change

Posted Jan 6 2012 by best place to buy motilium in bulk buy motilium with 0 Comments

Happy New Year

For many people the New Year is a time for reflection and renewal. A time to think about changing oneself for the better. Personal growth can be exciting and very rewarding. The key is to make your goals positively supportive and within reach. Try to stay away from demanding and punitive expectations that set you up for failure. Most New Year’s resolutions …

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Why I Created the Mindful Enneagram CD

Posted Dec 9 2011 by best place to buy motilium in bulk buy motilium with 1 Comment


The Mindful Enneagram – 9 Meditations for Personal Transformation CD is ON SALE for the holiday season so I thought this would be a good time to tell you the story of how and why I created it. I wrote and produced the Mindful Enneagram CD because it combines two passions that inform my counselling practice. I’m passionate about understanding personality …

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Healthy Reasons to Make Eating Together a Priority – And a Recipe Too!

Posted Oct 1 2011 by best place to buy motilium in bulk buy motilium with 7 Comments

Home Is Where

Now that the Fall season is here its back to school and routines for most people. Everyone is busy getting involved in activities that begin at this time of year, but very few of us think about the simple importance of just having a meal together. I’m often surprised to hear how infrequently families eat meals together. With long commutes, …

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The Power & Purpose of Living in the Here and Now

Posted Aug 23 2011 by best place to buy motilium in bulk buy motilium with 1 Comment

Take Care Of Each Moment 22

On August 14th I had the opportunity to hear Thich Nhat Hanh speak at a public talk in Vancouver.  “Thay” (as his students refer to him) is a Buddhist monk well known for his inspirational writings, drawings and speeches on the subject of mindfulness and peace. In his talk, the venerable meditation master reminded us that the past has already …

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