Friendly, Warm, Confidential

About Ruth

Therapist and Couples Counsellor

I have 4 Decades of Counselling Experience

My focus has been providing therapy to business and professional people such as doctors, lawyers, teachers, business owners, sales executives, financial professionals and many others. Through my private therapy practice, I’ve helped hundreds of people lead more rewarding, fulfilling and balanced lives.

I understand the unique experiences faced by busy professionals and their families.

I love my work as a therapist because I love life stories

…after 39 years, nothing surprises me anymore and yet every story is unique and special. When I meet you I will listen to your story as if it were the first I’ve heard. I will honour your experiences and work to build a trusting relationship with you where we can solve your problems.

My career as a therapist started in 1975. I earned Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Counselling Psychology and a certificate in Family Systems Therapy. I began practising as a counsellor in the early years of Employee and Family Assistance Programs. I worked in this capacity for the United Way of Winnipeg and then for Interlock EAP in Vancouver.  During this time I developed my abilities to consult with businesses, understanding the vital balance between a demanding work life and personal health.

I opened my full time private practice as a therapist in Vancouver in 1985.

I believe in lifelong learning and have maintained a commitment to stay current with my knowledge and therapy practices. I continue to hone my skills by attending frequent professional development events.

Like most successful people, I am a dedicated professional, creative thinker, focused on results, and possess an uncanny capacity to passionately engage others.

If you choose to work with me as your therapist, you can expect to be understood, supported and challenged to reach your goals.

On a personal note…

I grew up with a medical doctor father and a university professor mother. My parents were ahead of their time in the 50’s and 60’s and introduced me to wisdom, open mindedness, and cultural diversity before it was popular. I learned how to hold my own in conversation with smart people from a young age. I have had the privilege to be well educated, well read and well travelled. At the same time I am deeply emotional and have lived a life that has embraced challenges as well as success.

I practise meditation and yoga for balance and I have fun as a gourmet cook and an avid social dancer. I live and work in Southwest False Creek; a community that resonates with my values and life style.