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Poster courtesy of the Gottman Institute

Buy motilium australia, Buy motilium online canada

People say “relationship is hard work” but what does that really mean… remember the days when connecting with your partner was easy and just happened naturally? Now your relationship needs attending to but the task seems ominous. Where do you even begin?

Maybe things have really deteriorated and you find yourself looking to get friendship and intimacy elsewhere. Or an affair has just been disclosed and you are in crisis. Couples counselling can help.

Is Family life not what you had hoped it would be?

Is one of you over involved and the other not around. If you don’t see eye to eye with your spouse raising a family can be a real challenge. And if you travel for business, staying in the loop with the family can be really tough.

Do you have a teen or young adult struggling with depression, anxiety or just getting launched?

Your good sense tells you something has to be done soon and you can’t do it alone.

Through couples counselling and family therapy, I can help you:

How do we do this?

Skilfully and quickly identifying the habitual negative patterns in your marital or family relationship will be our first goal. Then applying insight and new tools to accomplish real change will be the focus.

Extensive training in Family Systems Therapy and a variety of research based therapeutic applications has taught me to quickly assess what will work best for your situation. These may include:

If your family is in business together my combined skills in business, couples counselling and family therapy can help you deal with the family issues that are getting in the way of running your business.


If you choose to work with me as your family or couples counsellor, you can expect to be understood, supported and challenged to reach your goals.


Don’t wait for things to get worse — book a couples counselling or family therapy appointment now…

Counselling is sometimes challenging, sometimes fun and always interesting.

Telephone 604-839-2437

Or email can i buy motilium over the counter in australia