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Purchase directly from Ruth – $12.99 CDN:

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Listen to Audio Samples Now

Balancing Your Centres 17:00 can i buy motilium over the counter
Grounded Body 20:41 can i buy motilium over the counter in uk
Open Heart 16:48 can you buy motilium over counter
Clear Mind 16:35 where can i buy motilium
where can i buy motilium in uk
can you buy motilium over the counter in australia

We all have three parts of the self that provide intelligence and expression. These are the Body Centre, the Heart Centre and the Head Centre or the Mind.

Most people experience one centre as more active than the others, acting as a baseline, from which we see, understand and relate to the world around us. This favoured centre becomes our “go to” place and comfort zone. If we overuse either the Body, the Heart, or the Mind we can get out of balance, leaving the other parts of the self unpracticed or unexplored.

Meditation is a way to mindfully experience your different centres. With regular practice of these beautiful meditations you can find balance in the self, shed your stress and achieve a sensation of wholeness.


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